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Significance of Scrubs Worn by Doctors in Hospital

Scrubs are the uniforms worn by people working in hospitals such as doctors ,nurses and surgeons. These clothes are not tight but lose for comfort. They acre largely made of cool colors such as grey and blue. You will rarely find them in very bright colors. Doctors say its like wearing pajamas to work. Scrubs can be worn not only in hospitals but at home for both young and old. Others use them as sleeping gear because of how comfortable they are. This document will highlight importance of scrubs by medical practitioners at work.
There is no doubt that scrubs are among the most comfortable clothing for work. Medical doctors need to feel very comfortable as they conduct their duties in hospitals. The reason is their delicate job requires total concentration since the life of patients is on their hands.
Medical doctors are always doing multiple things and attending to many patients on a daily basis. This means they are most of the times on their feet, pacing up and down. Scrubs are made of cotton making them very good sweat absorbent. This makes the doctors very comfortable even in sweaty situations.
Scrubs are made of cotton, which is a very good material. Therefore they are easily washable. Since doctors clothes easily come into contact with things like dirt, blood etc, they need to be easy to wash to ensure work is not interrupted. Hospitals will therefore save money since the scrubs are wash and reused .
Wearing scrubs to work reduces the need for doctors to buy a lot of clothes. This is because most of their time is spent in the hospital tending to patients hence wearing scrubs, as opposed to wearing their own clothes. With very few clothes doctors can survive thus saving them a lot of money.
Less time is spent when wearing scrubs. Doctors would waste a lot of time trying to decide what to wear is they were going to go to work in their own cloths . This in turn means time wasted that could have been used to take care of patients.
Scrubs enable the doctors to perform their works without any restrictions from their clothing. Because of the demands of their job, doctors do not need distractions. Doctors are able to keep a good image to their patients since they seem to choose comfort over style when it comes to their job. This means they are able to give them their undivided attention and the best care.
Clothes can affect the doctors mood swings. If the doctor is uncomfortable, then their mood and feeling isn’t really great and his has a effect on how they treat their patients . When wearing scrubs the doctors are mostly in a good mood since they feel comfortable.
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